PreK-12 School Counseling Program

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PreK-12 School Counseling Program

PreK-12 School Counselors

PreK-12 School Counselors from left, front row: Christine Jones, Nancy Bubenzer, Anita Romeo, Emily Congrove, Randall Kline. From left, back row: Aaron Carlton, Deborah Rutzky, Jason Goshe, Carly Frey, Laurie Knuth.

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Mission Statement

“The mission of the school counseling program in Kent City Schools is to support the academic, career and personal/social development of all students, pre-kindergarten through grade 12.  In collaboration with educators, parents/guardians, and the greater community, the comprehensive pre-K – 12 school counseling program provides all students with the needed support and access to the knowledge and skills that empower them to become contributing members of society”. The PreK-12 mission statement aligns with the standards from the American School Counseling Association.



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