Key Maker Award Winners

Congratulations to this year’s Key Maker Award winners!

The Key Maker Award is sponsored by Parent Mentor Program. It is meant to provide an opportunity for parents to recognize Kent City Schools personnel who have played an important part in their child’s education.

This year’s awardees at Walls Elementary are: JoAnna Cammel, Laura Cope, Michelle Dile, Lindsay Esten, Gwendolyn Jones, Katherine Mikita, Kristen Molnar, Emily Mullen, Tammy Noska, Cristin Wilbur, and Tiffany Yehle.

Congratulations and thanks to these individuals for making a key to open the door of education to all the children they serve.

May Newsletter

Dear Walls Family,

“I have heard it said that winter, too, will pass… that spring is a sign that summer is due at last.  See, all that we have to do is hang on.”     ~Maya Angelou

I hope this newsletter finds all of you well and looking forward to all of the things that come along with spring and summer.  Breathing in some air (possibly without a mask) will be so good for all of us!

This spring marks the completion of a decade for me at Walls, which is hard to imagine.  If someone had told me ten years ago that I would at some point be a principal of a school where our students were at home learning in their living room, or coming to school only two and four days a week, or wearing a mask in school… I would have told him/her to stop reading science fiction novels.  This pandemic has taught me, in strange ways, that ALL things are possible.  And it has also proven to me what I have always believed, KIDS ARE AMAZINGLY RESILIENT!

I want to thank each of you for all that you have done to make this school year a success.  The lessons we have learned as students and educators have extended far beyond our curriculum.  We have learned to support one another.  We have learned to sense when our own need help and to wrap around them even when we can’t hold hands and hug.  We have learned to be flexible and to create ways to accomplish what seems impossible.  Please know that we could not have done any of this without such a supportive network of families, and we are truly grateful for you!

During this school year, Kent City Schools has developed an Equity and Inclusion Task Force.  As a part of this work, Walls Elementary (and each building in the district) has formed its own Equity and Inclusion Task Force.  You should have received a short survey to complete on behalf of each child that attends Walls. Please complete this survey and submit it to your child’s classroom teacher as soon as possible.  It will be a great help as we develop building goals and action steps to ensure an equitable and inclusive experience for all students.

We are doing our best to plan some fun (and safe) activities for students during the month of May.  Activities will be limited to staff and students ONLY (no outside volunteers) due to Covid-19 restrictions.  As always, please be sure to check your child’s Google Classroom, Remind, and home school folder for updates, times and dates.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call me or the office at any time.  Thank you again for your patience and flexibility and for sharing your child with our Walls Family.  Have a great summer!


Heidi B. Singer
Principal, Walls Elementary School

Dates to Remember:

May 24 — No School (staff in-service)
May 26 — Fifth Grade Graduation
May 27 — Last Day of School!
August 23 — Supply Night 5-6 pm
August 25 — First Day of School!

Please check the school website calendar for updates and future  events!


Student Podcast

Click on the link below to listen to student podcast episodes called, Things That Make You Go, “Hmmmm…” which cover eight different topics.

Since mid-October, one of our projects, among enrichment students, in grades 3-5, from Holden and Walls Elementary Schools, has been to produce a podcast with eight diverse episodes. Things that make you go, “Hmmm. . .” is the collaborative effort of all enrichment students, and everything was accomplish virtually. Some of these groups met weekly for 45 minutes.

Developing an episode, beginning with only an idea, and learning how to collaborate with peers has instilled a humble sense of pride among  these students. They learned that not everything is instant. They had to wait for email replies from individuals we reached out to in hopes of eliciting an expert to enhance students’ research and findings. Perhaps five emails were sent regarding one episode, and only one replied with the ability to help. Their patience was not in vain, and they learned patience and perseverance.

We hope you  enjoy  our podcast.

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